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Alkcon Corporation has developed a patent-pending, energy efficient alkane conversion process that employs proprietary gas processing technology which can produce propane fuel from natural gas or other sources of methane.

In a non-thermal plasma reactor, methane gas is converted to ethane, propane and butane(s) in a gas phase, near atmospheric pressure. The ethane product from the first reactor is separated and is converted to propane in the second reactor in the presence of methane. Propane is separated from the product stream as a liquid, via simple compression, and blended with measured amounts of butane and an odorant, as required. Unreacted methane and excess hydrogen gas are separated and recycled.

Excess hydrogen can be utilized in an on-site fuel cell for auxiliary power or captured as an additional product stream for use in a FCEV.

Methane and waste gases can be consumed in a gas turbine generator to provide on-site electrical power for the system in remote locations.

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